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Skylab offers a new concept of high-end working spaces. A contemporary building of 23 500 sqm, certified both BREEAM® and Minergie®, strategically located in the heart of the high-tech district of Geneva in Plan-les-Ouates, close to public transportation, less than 15 minutes from the city center and the International Airport of Geneva.

The floors and their terraces

All five floors of Skylab are served by 7 elevators, two of which are freight-elevators. Some surfaces are endowed with an internal terrace that grants them with a generous luminosity and a particular atmosphere.

skylab terrace

The underground

The three underground levels contain storage spaces, 575 parking places including 100 public places. Fitting rooms and showers are also available for tenants.

skylab parking

Access control

The building and its strategic points are accessible with magnetic cards. Access to parkings by automatic plates recognition and magnetic cards.

Bicycle park places

125 bicycle park places available.


External blind slats, with EIB (European Installation Bus) system to manage opening and closing.


BREEAM® and Minergie®.


60x60 micro perforated metal tiles, white lacquered, textile film for sound reduction.

Delivery access

Heavy load delivery access is situated north of Skylab (next to Bluebox building) in a covered area. Freight elevators are available for pallets up to 2 000 kg and 2.10 m high.


Distribution goes through boxes installed in the raised floor, one each 15 m², comprising 4 plugs of 220V plus a reserve rack into which two plugs of 220V and four RJ45 can be added (cables are not supplied).


Five elevators with a capacity of 1 000 kg / 13 people each. Two freight elevators up to 2 000 kg / 26 people.

Entrance halls

Three entrance halls are situated respectively south, east and west of the building.

Fibre optic network

Swisscom and SIG installations are available.


Raised floor with a free height of 75 mm. Standard sized carpet laying tiles (Heuga 580 type), colours at the choice of the tenant. Ground capacity 350 kg/m².


Skylab meets all acoustic and thermal requirements with a complex concrete and isolating wall recovered by a precast concrete element. Variable widths high windows with aluminium frame, triple glazing and opening possibilities

Heating and ventilation

Heat production is done via long distance heating system and cold by a cooling unit. The average temperature is 21° in winter. In order to obtain the cold, a proof of needs is necessary. Heat and cold distribution goes via a network of water circulations (4 tubes). Fresh air loading is done by an air duct network. The allocation is ensured by a pipe fan.


Standby’s water supply tubes are installed in each platform, the implementation would be at the charge of the tenant.


Presence detection lamppost of high frequency and luminosity probes are posted each 15 m².


The building is granted with an MCR system for the entire building management, blinds control and program, temperatures, operations, evacuation, etc.


575 places distributed over 3 basements including 100 public and 8 external places all respecting VSS norms.

Private Access

Doors are equipped with electric strikes (part of the lock where the bolt is engaged) enabling to the private surfaces the access system control installation.

Specific process

Spaces for the installation of generators or any other material are available in the attic. Installation would be at the charge of the tenant.

Sanitation facilities

Each floor is granted with sanitation facilities to meet the standard (occupancy/m²): Men & Women WC, automatic wall urinals and washbasins. A sanitary block, located in the underground, is equipped with showers.


1 300 m² of storage spaces available within 3 undergrounds.

Security control

Cameras on each entrance, parking and several strategic points of the building.


Walls are white paint plaster and smoothed.

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